Rural Health Staffing

Staffing medical facilities in rural communities

BalancePoint Rural Health Staffing provides staffing solutions for medically underserved communities. Our service ensures that individuals in rural communities have access to medical professionals who:

  • Obtained the proper licensure and education
  • Completed training
  • Exemplify cultural competency

A fundamental need in healthcare

By providing enhanced coordination between healthcare professionals and optimizing their use, BalancePoint’s Rural Health Division seeks to address the critical need that faces many underserved regions in the U.S. Our rural staffing specialities include highly specialized surgeons on a long-term contract basis.

 CEO of BalancePoint Lori Anderson-Printy talks about the current challenges facing the healthcare system. She emphasizes the importance of a work-life balance, and discusses how BalancePoint can help healthcare professionals achieve this.

Hospitals & Facilities

Medical Professionals

BalancePoint matches medical professionals with staffing needs in rural communities. Our team of physicians has full-control of their scheduling, allowing them to live a balanced life.

Medical Professionals

Hospitals & Facilities

Are you encountering a staffing shortage? BalancePoint provides licensed and highly-trained medical professionals to address staffing needs in rural and underserved communities.


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